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Our Mission Is To Promote Excellence In the Field Of IV Therapy

Connecticut Chapter of the INS Objectives:

1. To provide the benefits and protection of the qualified IV nurse to the patient, to the institution that employs the IV nurse, to members of associated allied health
professions, and to the profession of nursing

2. To encourage a high quality of professional practice through the establishment and maintenance of standards, professional ethics and education

3. To promote clinical research and education within this nursing specialty and in
related nursing areas’
4. To disseminate knowledge by providing for interchange of information and
around its members and members of allied specialties and professions who live
and work in the same geographical area
5. To assist in providing specialized IV care in every health care facility.


(Source: the Constitution for Chapters of the Infusion Nurses Society, 2006)

Membership is open to all healthcare professionals from all practice settings who are members of the national Infusion Nurses Society AND are involved in or interested in the specialty practice of infusion therapy. The membership of the Chapter consists of Active, Associate, and Industry members.

Active Members: registered nurses curently practicing IV therapy.

Associate Members: non-RN health care professionals who are in the field of IV therapy

Industrial Members: individuals from industry whose products relate to IV therapy

To apply online for free membership: click here.


Our Members Make a Difference!

Our chapter members and board have been at the forefront of changes in infusion care in our state. For example chapter members Eve Curtin and Samuel Rice were responsible for bringing the long overdue need to allow PICC insertion within long term care facilities to the attention of the Connecticut Legislature. Their initiative has helped to improve infusion therapy for long term care patients in our state. Many of our chapter members participated in the process by either writing letters to our State Senators, and/or testifing before the Public Health Committee. The Connecticut Legislature voted in favor of the changes, and Governor Malloy signed it into law. Public Act 11-40 became effective on October 1st 2011 . A link to the Public Act 11-40 is provided on this website on our home page in the right column- files and forms section.


In 2000, Chapter members formed a committee that answered a need for better communication upon patient discharge between our hospital based PICC teams, the home care companies, and subacute/long term care facilities. This committee developed a venous access device tracking tool (the VAD Tracking Form) that standardizes the information needed to be shared between facilities upon patient discharge. It is designed to be used by the PICC insertion clinician to record the type, size, length, arm measurements, and any problems upon insertion of the PICC line. This allows organizations caring for the patient post hospital discharge to have the information needed to give good care. Chapter board members updated the VAD Tracking Form in 2006, and put together a educational poster on the tracking program that was presented at the national INS 2006 annual meeting. The educational poster titled "What Line Is It Anyway" was presented at the meeting by member and 2006 Chapter President Leslie Leon. A copy of the poster and the VAD Tracking form are available on our home page in the Files and Forms section.


In 2000-2001, chapter member Sandra Pieger was integrally involved in changes that advanced the practice of nurse performed PICC insertion procedures in our state. She met with the Connecticut DPH: Board of Examiners and presented data that resulted in the Board's unaminous vote for insertion of PICC Line catheters using ultrasound and micro-introducers is within the scope of practice of registered nurses appropriately trained in these procedures. In 2011, chapter members Eve Curtin and Samuel Rice worked to make the CT Legislature aware of the need for PICC insertion within Connecticut skilled nursing facilities. Chapter members Eve Curtin, Alice Cennamo, and Leslie Leon testified and answered questions during the legislative hearing for the proposed act in favor of the legislation which was officially passed as law in Connecticut on October 1st, 2011.

CRNI® Exam Assistance

Validate your experience! Take the CRNI® (Certified Registered Nurse Infusion) exam. Our Chapter has one set of CRNI® prep review audio tapes, and one set of cds that are made available on loan to members studying for the CRNI® exam upon request. A small deposit is held until the items are returned.

Click here for more about the CRNI® certification


Members: click here to request to borrow the CDs or review tapes


Access to the Journal of Infusion Nursing is now available to national INS members online! Go to www.ins1.org - and log in to access the Members Exclusive section.



CEs and Discounts
Members receive discounts on all of our educational programs. Many of our offerings provide contact hours from an ANCC approved provider that can be applied towards CRNI® recertification credits and more.

Mary Jane Monast Scholarship
We award a $500 scholarship, to be used towards a National INS educational event, this is awarded annually at our Fall Seminar. The winner must be a member of both the Connecticut and National INS.


Get Involved
Many opportunities are available to members to serve the Chapter by joining or chairing a committee, being elected to our board, and speaking or exhibiting at a Chapter event. We are a busy chapter that is dedicated to improving our specialty, this can only be done with the support of our members. Our membership is what makes our Chapter great!


Access To a Network Of Peers
Our Chapter newsletter is free and is distributed to members quarterly. Our meetings offer great opportunities for networking.

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